Victoria Arduino MYG85
Victoria Arduino MYG85

Victoria Arduino MYG85

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Finance available from £15.0 per week
Zero coffee retention
Touch screen adjustment
Grind by weight

For those dedicated to the craft, Mythos stands as a beacon of excellence in coffee grinding, embodying passion and a relentless quest for perfection since 2013. It has been a pivotal partner in the journey of coffee professionals, continually evolving to elevate grinding to unprecedented levels.

Mythos redefines precision and control in coffee grinding, offering an enhanced user experience through both functional and design advancements. This evolution underscores our collective commitment to achieving unparalleled grinding perfection.

The new Mythos boasts a touchscreen display that simplifies operation with a single touch. Baristas now enjoy effortless adjustments, comprehensive information at a glance, and complete control over the grinding process. The upgraded clump crusher and outlet spout ensure a flawless flow and zero waste, while the innovative filterholder hook design optimizes ground coffee delivery to the filter, aligning with the demands of modern coffee professionals for consistency, minimal waste, and easy maintenance.

Maintenance and cleaning have been made more straightforward, reducing the complexity and increasing accessibility to the grinder's core components. The gravimetric version introduces faster workflow capabilities with improved programming and an integrated scale for precise grinding and weighing.

Mythos continues to lead as a legend in the coffee industry, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in grinding perfection and operational excellence for coffee aficionados and professionals alike.

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