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Questions and answers about our subscription service

How do I start a Subscription?

Please visit our subscription page where you can subscribe to either or monthly rotating coffees or one of our Thomson's classics featured there. On the product page you want to subscribe to please select the "subscribe & save" option and select the frequency you require - then proceed to purchase as normal

Is Shipping Included?

Shipping will be charged on each order, our free shipping threshold is currently £30 and over - you can add additional items to your subscription to get free shipping

When will my first order arrive?

When you subscribe we will send your first order straight away and then each subsequent order will be sent at the interval you selected, this date can be changed in your control panel anytime after your first order

Can I pause / Cancel my subscription?

You are free to make changes or cancel your subscription at any time - please see how to mange your account below

How do I manage my subscription?

You can manage all aspects of your account here manage subscription

Please note we are unable to make changes to your subscription this must be done via the link above.

What Subscriptions do you offer?

We currently offer two type of subscription services - our monthly rotating subscriptions and our individual flexible subscriptions to our Thomson's Classic products.

Do you have to commit to a minimum number of deliveries?

No, unlike most subscription services you are free to cancel your subscription at anytime form your account. You can also pause, skip or swap your subscription at anytime.

Can I change my subscription date?

Yes you can change the date of any of your upcoming orders from your control panel. Please note for a monthly subscription the date can only be changed to another date in the same month or you can skip that months order if you prefer.

Can I add a one-off purchase to my next Subscription order?

Yes this can be done in you subscription account manage subscription

Why can't I subscribe to all of you Products?

We only allow subscription on products we know we will have constant stock supplies of so this unfortunately means we can't offer a subscription to many of our seasonal or short run products.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can change the shipping address in youraccount here.