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Barista Training for Wholesale Customers

At the core of our partnership with wholesale customers is the belief that a great cup of coffee is not just brewed, but crafted with knowledge, passion, and precision. This is why we proudly offer an exclusive Coffee Training Program tailored for our wholesale partners.

Hosted in our state-of-the-art training facilities, our program is designed to enrich your team's expertise and elevate your coffee offerings. From the basics of espresso making to advanced brewing techniques and customer service excellence, our comprehensive training ensures your staff are not just baristas, but coffee artisans who enhance the coffee experience for every customer they serve. Whether you're looking to refine your team's skills or introduce innovative coffee recipes, our program is your stepping stone to a thriving coffee business. Join us, and let's brew success together.



At Thomon's HQ nestled in the heart of Giffnock, we're not just about supplying top-notch coffee beans; we're committed to enriching your café's coffee culture through our comprehensive Barista Training Programme. Exclusively designed for our wholesale customers, this programme takes place in our state-of-the-art showroom and training space, offering a unique opportunity to elevate your team’s coffee expertise and enhance your customer's experience.

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