Victoria Arduino MYG75
Victoria Arduino MYG75

Victoria Arduino MYG75

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Finance available from £32.0 per week
Temperature control
Quiet and low profile
Grind by weight

Mythos, a leader in coffee grinding precision, has evolved. It now offers advanced functionality and design, enhancing the grinding experience. The new model boasts a user-friendly touchscreen display, allowing baristas to effortlessly adjust settings and maintain control.

Key improvements include an optimized clump crusher and outlet spout, ensuring a consistent and efficient flow of ground coffee. The redesigned filter holder hook minimizes waste, directing coffee precisely into the filter.

Understanding the value of counter space in cafes, Mythos features a compact design. Its innovative dual fan system, mounted at the back, optimizes airflow in the grind chamber. The design allows for multiple grinders to be placed side by side, catering to different grinding needs efficiently.

Mythos combines patented technology with the demands of contemporary coffee professionals. It offers consistent grinding, reduces waste, and simplifies maintenance – key factors for a seamless coffee preparation experience.

Experience the new standard in coffee grinding with Mythos at Thomsons Coffee, where precision meets practicality.

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