Victoria Arduino MDX-S
Victoria Arduino MDX-S
Victoria Arduino MDX-S

Victoria Arduino MDX-S

£900 ex VAT

MDX-S On Demand: Elevating Grinding Standards for Modern Cafés

The MDX-S On Demand grinder represents a leap forward in coffee grinding technology. Tailored for medium volume cafés or as a dedicated option for single origin or decaf, it combines innovative features with silent operation.

Advanced Silent Grinding Technology: The MDX-S is engineered with new silent technology, ensuring a quiet grinding process. This feature is crucial in maintaining a serene café environment, allowing for the natural ambiance and customer conversations to flourish.

Redesigned for Consistency: The grinder boasts a redesigned funnel system, complete with a clump crusher and 65mm flat steel burrs. This setup ensures a smooth flow of coffee from the grinding chamber, delivering consistent grind quality over time and preserving the integrity of the coffee's aromatics.

Optimal Temperature Control: A unique aeration system is at the core of the MDX-S, maintaining a constant grinding temperature. This is vital in safeguarding the coffee's delicate aromas and flavors, which can be affected by heat generated during grinding.

Precision Grinding with Flexibility: The MDX-S features stepless grind adjustment, allowing baristas to fine-tune the grind size with precision. The 1.6kg hopper capacity caters to busy periods, while the adjustable portafilter fork and exit spout offer flexibility and ease of use, accommodating different portafilter sizes and styles.

In summary, the MDX-S On Demand is an exemplary choice for cafés seeking a grinder that balances silent operation, grind consistency, and flexible features to cater to a range of coffee options.

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