Swiss Made Boilerless Precision Brewers


Inspired by the sweeping technological advancements in espresso equipment, Tone emerged from a vision to push the boundaries of temperature and flow control beyond what was then available for tea and filter coffee brewing. Rather than conforming to the standard technologies and materials prevalent in the coffee industry, Tone pursued a collaboration with leading global design and engineering talents.

By bridging the gap between specialty coffee and tea experts and elite engineers from the medical device and aerospace sectors, Tone introduced the world's first boilerless and energy-efficient brewing device. This innovation led to brewing equipment that not only achieves unprecedented precision in controlling temperature and flow but also significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional models.

Tone's groundbreaking, boilerless products are powered by sophisticated, intuitive software and firmware, enabling an extensive range of recipes. This technology allows users to consistently define and replicate their brewing parameters with ease.


Thomson's X TONE SWISS

When the Tone 03 was first unveiled we seized the chance to trial it and it swiftly became our most favoured piece of brewing equipment at our roastery. It was integral for tasting our latest coffee offerings and conducting quality control on our roasts.

As we opened our inaugural café, it naturally became the go-to choice for batch brewing. This led to the installation of an additional four Touch 03 units across our estate. In 2023, the opportunity arose to become the UK distributor for Tone, and we leapt at the chance.

We take immense pride in being the exclusive representatives of Tone in the UK. Our team of seasoned engineers is fully equipped to handle the supply, installation, and maintenance of the equipment

Energy Efficient Brewing

Tone Touch 03

Introducing the TONE Touch 03: The Pioneer of Boilerless Coffee & Tea Brewing

The TONE Touch 03 represents the company's first revolutionary step towards redefining the future of brewing. This groundbreaking tankless brewer incorporates world-class technology, allowing users comprehensive control over all parameters of the extraction process, such as time, temperature, water flow, pulse, and delay. Equipped with advanced capabilities, this innovative device enables recipe programming and autonomously oversees every phase of the extraction process once it is set up.



Revolutionising Brewing and Extraction Without a Boiler!

The Touch 04 introduces a game-changer with its four recipe buttons, each capable of executing dual functions. This flexibility allows for the programming of four distinct coffee or tea recipes, alongside four dynamic water profiles that activate to dispense precise quantities once the brew basket is detached. The TONE Touch 04 elevates the brewing process by optimising water distribution and penetration through the coffee bed, setting a new global standard for extraction efficiency unmatched by any other brewer on the market!


Tone Nitro

Streamlined to Perfection – The Tone Nitro Solution boasts a sleek, minimalist design, offering a plug-and-play setup that seamlessly integrates into any counter space. Featuring an in-built cooler, it innovatively harnesses nitrogen directly from the air, eliminating the need for high-pressure nitrogen cylinders, thus ensuring safe and optimal performance. Ideal for those aiming to serve the latest in beverage innovation with ease and efficiency. It pairs perfectly with both the Touch 01 and Touch 02 models.

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