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New Standard | LAB is a curated collection of speciality coffees produced exclusively on our Loring Smart Roaster, these are exceptional coffees of unrivalled quality and true provenance. Our aim is to preserve the natural flavours that our farmers have worked hard to nurture while growing and processing the beans and to avoid masking them with generic roasted flavours.


Having supplied coffee throughout the 19th, 20th and now into the 21st Century, we have a huge legacy to draw on and are proud to still carry many recipes that go back over 100 years. Thomson’s Legacy collection is the embodiment of our history, pioneering flame roasted blends that steadfastly defy current trends. These coffees may be an acquired taste to some, but they have been enjoyed by generations of loyal customers and are the cornerstone of Thomson’s DNA. 

roast level

On the coffees you will notice a circle with a number in it which represents the roast level. Click on it and our roast level chart will pop up. The low numbers refer to dark roasts while high numbers are pointing towards light ones. As a reference Full French is our darkest coffee and it's a "34 Very Dark" on the scale while a Light Roast like a filter Ethiopian would be around "90".

The scale used to measure the roast level is the Agtron Gourmet and the way it works is analysing the coffee color and translating it into a number scale from 5 to 140. This isn't usually shared with the public since roasters use it mostly for quality control and matching profiles but we thought it's the best and most accurate way of understanding the degree of roast in coffee. If you want to know more about measuring color in coffee we recommend this article from Roast Magazine

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