All our teas are now packed in fully biodegradable packaging

Thomson's Tightvac Storage Canister+ 250G Coffee

Brew Method: Pour Over / Immersion



  • 1 x 250G bag of coffee  (selected from our huge range to showcase the variety of flavours available at Thomson's)
  • 1 Thomson's Tightvac Storage Canister
Three brew method options to choose from:
  • Pour over / Immersion
  • Espresso
  • Dark Roast
A great present for any coffee lover. We will include a selection of coffees showcasing different origins, processing and roast levels according to the brew method chosen.

If you require the coffee ground please let us know in the GRIND dropdown menu.


  1. We will send the POUR / OVER IMMERSION unless you select a different option from the buttons above.
  2. We will dispatch the coffees as WHOLEBEAN unless you select a different option in the GRIND dropdown menu.
  3. The coffee in the picture is for illustration purpose only.

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