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Thomson's Test PiloT

Please note this product is only available as WHOLEBEAN

Weight: 250G Wholebean
Suggested for: Espresso Brew


At Thomson's we are constantly working on improving our coffees that means we like to try different roasts and that also means we have a lot of test batches that don't quite make the final cut. 

While we donate a lot of this coffee to social projects around Glasgow, we also want to offer these roasts to customer who are looking to try something new but also like a bargain.

TEST PILOT V2 UPDATE: We will now reveal the coffee information in exchange for your feedback - simply scan the QR code on the pack and fill out our short form and we will email you the info.

What you will get.

  • Coffee no more than 1 month old (from date of shipping)
  • Only coffee that passes our basic QC will be used 
  • Could be a blend of beans or a single origin
  • All coffee will be full speciality grade (80+)
  • Guaranteed minimum discount of 30% from normal RRP
  • Coffee may be different each time you order as these are small test batches of around 10-12 kilos
  • We bag the batches up in advance so unfortunately we can only offer these as beans
  • Coffee details will only be revealed in exchange for your feedback via QR code on the label.

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