Rwanda | Kinini



Introducing Kinini Coffee, a company started by Malcolm Clear and Jaqueline Turner, they first set up the charity A New Beginning in Rwanda in 2008 and started growing coffee in 2012.

A New Beginning was set up to help a group of widows and orphans displaced during the genocide in 1994, who were resettled in an area of uncultivated savannah. The charity set up a school and a health post which has fully trained staff and is self-sufficient. Their work is still ongoing and they are raising another £24k to build three more classrooms for the ever growing school.

Coffee is picked with the cut off for the day of 4:00 P.M and brought to the Kinini washing station on the same day where it is separated from the other lots to be treated, depulped using a four disc McKinnon pulper and fermented from between 5 to 20 hours, depending on the decision of the quality manager monitoring the fermentation. The coffee is then sun dried for an average of 48 days, depending on the intensity of the sun.




2000+ metres above sea level




Banana / Toffee / Cocoa