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Peru | Las Naranjas



This is a very versatile coffee recommended for all brewing methods but works especially well on espresso,  it is roasted Medium / Dark  and offers a balanced cup with blood orange taste at the front followed by a lingering sweetness and a hint of a smokiness.

Coffee farm

Unlike many farmers in the region who grew up in coffee producing families, Elmer only turned his hand to coffee in 2010, when he purchased his first farm plot. When Eric first bought the land (an impressive 12 hectares), the land was entirely forest: hence why he named it ‘El Bosque’ meaning the forest. Today, through extensive cupping, Elmer’s farm has been singled out as one of the top lots in the region. Alpes Andinos Manager, Eric Jara, recognises Elmer as one of his very best producers; praising him for his high scoring coffee. Although Elmer’s current crop of Typica, Red Caturra and Bourbon is already producing a great cup, Elmer is considering cultivating another 2 hectares of Yellow Caturra and Yellow Bourbon. The drive to develop great coffee is one promoted by the association; believing that producing great quality, leads to producer empowerment and wider benefits for all coffee families.

Tomas Bueno (El Nispero farm) has a very different story. Tomas bought his plot (1 hectare of Typica) when he was just 15 years old. Tomas has now farmed coffee for close to a decade. Although a small farm compared to Elmer, Thomas has spent time honing his craft; using his 1 hectare to produce a fantastic cup.


Red Caturra, Typica, & Bourbon


1850 - 1900 metres above sea level


Fully washed & dried on raised beds


Blood Orange / Brown Sugar / Winey

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