Nicaragua - Finca La Providencia

Finca La Providencia is located in La Laguna, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, a location which is well-known for its potential and condition to produce the finest coffee in Nicaragua. Don Jose Julian is very focused on quality and is a huge believer of long lasting direct relationships with coffee roasters and we are really proud to partner with him and offer this coffee to our customers as a UK exclusive lot

Finca La Providencia is fully washed: Only optimal ripe cherries are picked and depulped into the fermentation tanks. Once it has been fermenting for about 14-20 hours, the coffee then goes to the washing channel where it is soaked with clean water until all the mucilage has been removed. Immediately after, the coffee  is transported to Beneficio La Guadalupana in Ocotal where it is dried on raised African beds, where the drying process can take about 12-18 days depending of the weather.


Caturra, Red Catuai


1350 meters above sea level


Fully washed


Tea like, floral and molasses notes 


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