Myanmar Ngu Shweli

Ngu Shweli is one of the first farms in Pwin Oo Lwin to blossom and to provide ripe cherries. During the day temperatures can raise up to 33°C, while falling to 18°C at night. Beautiful coffee plants grow in the shade of old macadamia trees.
Historically, most of Ngu Shweli's coffee was arabica S795. Later, the variety SL34 was introduced and now makes up the majority of the farm. In fact, coffee followed jade: U Kaw Sein, the owner of the farm, and father of two children, worked as a jade trader before acquiring land for his coffee farm. The family has been very successful in producing high quality coffee and based on their expertise organic fertiliser is sufficient to rebalance the nutrients in the soil.    


SL34, S795


1,000 meters above sea level




Creamy body, gentle acidity, lime, tropical fruits, caramel, peanuts.




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