La Cafetiere Classic 6 Cup Espresso Coffee Maker

A stylish red aluminium espresso coffee maker designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Simple to use, just follow these steps. - 1. Fill the boiler (lower compartment) with cold water. The water level should be below the safety valve. - 2. Fill the tunnel filter with ground coffee and tamp down firmly. - 3. Place the tunnel filter into the boiler. - 4. Ensure that the tunnel filter is in the correct position then carefully screw in the coffee pot to the boiler. - 5. Place the coffee pot on any hob and heat at a low temperature. If gas is used, please ensure that the flames do not het the sides of the coffee pot. - 6. When the water boils, the coffee pot will fill with fresh coffee and is ready to serve.

Collections: Coffee Kit, Kit, Moka Pots

Type: Ancillaries

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