Honduras Finca Santa Marta

Meet Elsy Noemi Fuentes, our second direct partnership with Project 121. Elsy is the producer of Finca Santa Marta of the Ocotepeque region in Honduras and has been an active member of COCAFELOL coop since 2013. Elsy's harvest runs from December to April, when only the perfectly ripe cherries are carefully collected and transported to COCAFELOL where the pulping, washing and drying processes take place. 

Through our commitment to purchase 50% of this year's micro-lot harvest, we hope to support Elsy in taking care of her farm, helping her to innovate and improve the quality of her coffee to make sure there is something to valuable to pass on to her children and subsequent generations.




1,435 metres above sea level




Heavy bodied with a balanced acidity and notes of boozy fruits

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