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Honduras | Rosalina Ramos

Roast Level Chart
The units of measurement used in the chart are the AGTRON GOURMET SCALE and have been taken from ground samples, the value "zero" corelates to pure carbon while values over 100 are rated as extremely light.

86 to 100

Fruits, Sweet Kenya Blue Mountain AA (89)
MEDIUM 70 to 85 Caramelized Sugar, Mellow Team (80)
DARK 44 to 69 Smoky, Dark Chocolate St. Vincent (61)
VERY DARK 20 to 43 Very Smoky, Liquorice, Burnt Full French (34)

 *Higher numbers = Lighter roast

*Lower numbers = Darker roast


Weight: 250G
Grind: Wholebean


Rosalina hails from a town located 50 km away from Cabañas. Her family's roots lie in the cultivation of corn, beans, and dairy farming, but Rosalina's heart always belonged to coffee.

Three years back, as her children moved on to establish their own homes across the country, she decided to embark on her coffee journey. She bought a plot of land in Cabañas, planted Catimor coffee on it, and leapt into a new adventure, despite not having any prior experience in coffee farming.

With her brother-in-law's assistance in managing the farming activities such as weeding, fertilising, and tending to the coffee plants, Rosalina focuses on the harvest. During the harvest season, she lives near the farm to personally oversee the picking of the coffee cherries.

Today, Rosalina's enthusiasm for coffee farming remains as vibrant as ever, spurred on by the knowledge that her coffee holds the potential for exceptional quality and attracts good market prices.

The coffee cherries are carefully picked and then subjected to an anaerobic fermentation process for 72 hours inside oxygen-free plastic barrels. After this, the cherries are de-pulped, and the parchment is spread out on raised beds, where it is left to dry for 20 - 25 days, with the mucilage intact, in a process known as Anaerobic Honey processing.




1600 metres above sea level


Anaerobic Honey


Cranberry, Fudge, Nutmeg

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