Ethiopia Guji Hambela

The Hambela farm, which hosts its own plants and also sources cherries from nearby smallholders, is the brainchild of Aman Adinew who was formerly the director of quality control for the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange and was in charge of the first speciality coffee lab in Africa. The cherries are picked from November to January and dried for 21 days before being milled in the city of Yirgacheffe.

This coffee really stood out as the finest Ethiopian we have cupped recently, and we have roasted it to emphasise the sweetness and complex acidity that we first tasted on the cupping table. We roast this coffee exclusively on our Loring Smartroast and recommend it as a filter coffee.


Mixed Heirloom


1,900 - 1,980 meters above sea level




Creamy body with delicate acidity. Notes of juicy passion fruit, apricot and honey.

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