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Located to the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) provenience of South Kivu, close to the Rwandan border, Minova sits at the head of Kabuno Bay; perched at the tip of Lake Kivu. Since 1994, the town has grown considerably in size, primarily due to influxes of refugees from both the 1st and 2nd Congo wars, as well as subsequent fighting in the area.

Eba & Wally, founders of Société Maitea, hope to make a difference to the local community, as well as to demonstrate the quality of DRC (and in particular Kivu province) coffee, to the outside world and are using coffee production to forge a path for economic success and social stability.

By producing truly excellent coffee, Société Maitea is working to help the social development of the population with which it works, via their newly formed Matiea Foundation. The primary objectives of the foundation are to improve health, education and conservation awareness. Societe Matiea aims to achieve this by a variety of means:

Health: support women living in dangerous conditions, as well as feed malnourished children via the one meal for every child program

Education: Increase literacy for women in coffee, as well as the creation of speciality programs for children with disabilities (currently unavailable in the region)

Conservation: Improve Nature and conservation awareness in the region, via their partnership with Goma schools

Although currently there are no conservation or environmental programs in the region, Eba and Wally are planning to change this. As Société Maitea only began supplying their Arabica lot in 2019, first steps such as building a water pump and compost management are already underway. As of September 2019, Maitea is now also taking part in farming projects in schools, helping provide education to the next generation. Eva and Wally’s commitment to fighting the issues they are currently facing makes us wholeheartedly believe in their efforts to benefit the community and to combat the threats of climate change. We are sure as Société Maitea continues to grow, they will continue to nurture change for the better and we are proud to be supporting their efforts.


60% Kivu Bourbon & 40% Blue Mountain


1700 - 1900 metres above sea level


Fully Washed


Marmalade / stone fruit / peach