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Dark Roast Subscription - 6 MONTHS PREPAID

A monthly dark roast subscription - featuring coffees selected from our legacy range or exclusive dark roasted speciality coffees

Weight: 250g
Grind: Wholebean




Prefer a darker roast ? Thomson's have pioneered roasting dark coffee since our inception. With our traditional flame roaster we can produce rich dark flavours without bitterness whilst keeping the inherent flavours of the coffee at the forefront. Think rich chocolatey smooth roasts perfect for classic coffee drinkers.

Our dark roast subscription will feature new and exclusive darker roasted along with Thomson's classic dark roasted coffees rotating on a monthly basis. 

- Exclusive Dark Roasts and Thomson's Classics
- No commitment - Cancel / Skip or Swap at anytime
- Select the quantity / grind you want delivered monthly
- Delivery is included in the Price

What will you get?

Each month on the anniversary of your subscription date (or a day you prefer)  we will send you a new coffee (in either 250g or 1KG bag  / ground or whole-bean)- along with an information card with all the details of the coffee featured.

Roast Level / Brew Methods

The roast level for the coffees featured in this subscription will tend to be a Medium/Dark to a Dark roast. The darkest roast we will send will be similar in roast level to our classic St Vincent Roast - ( if you are looking for extra dark roasts like our Full French / Colombian Dark ,sorry we won't include coffees this dark but you can always subscribe to these coffees individually ). 

This means they will be mostly suited to classic Espresso / Moka Pot and  Cafetiere  brewing however this does not exclude filter based brewing especially if you are a fan of these these darker coffees .

If you prefer lighter roasted fruitier coffees we would recommend our New Standard / Lab subscription instead. Remember you can switch between them at anytime.


We always recommend you grind your coffee at home, this ensures the coffee stays as fresh as possible and also lets you get the perfect grind for your brewing setup.

If you don't have a grinder we are happy to the grind the coffee for you - please select the grind method above when you subscribe


The cost of delivery is included for this subscription (normally £3). We will send your first order when you subscribe - each subsequent delivery will be monthly from your first order date (you can change this date via your account)


Want to learn more about or subscription see our Subscription FAQ's

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