Colombia Tolima ASOPEP

From the department of Tolima the ASOPEP (Association of Organic Producers of Planadas) cooperative which consists of around 160 smallholders in the municipalities of Planadas and Ataco grow coffee along the eastern slopes of the central cordillera in the southern portion of the area.

These producers grow their coffee organically, forgoing the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides and are committed to the production of high quality, ecologically sound and socially responsible coffees.

This coffee is brought to us via the world famous Café Granja La Esperanza who work alongside the cooperative improving their wet and dry processing methods, and at the same time associations benefit from commercialisation channels that the Café Granja La Esperanza has developed over time.

Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Typica


1,600 - 2,100 meters above sea level


Fully washed


Pronounced citrus and floral flavours, with notes of orange and lemon peel. Medium high acidity and a creamy body

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