Colombia | La Cristalina



La Cristalina is located in Vereda Bajo Español, in the municipality of Chinchina. Its 21 hectares reach between 1460 and 1790 meters above sea level, with 4.1 hectares dedicated to an environmental reserve.The three Valdes family farms—Parana, La Cristalina, and San Pablo—are highly technified properties, with admirable levels of production thanks to their combined total of 421,000 trees, 142,000 of which grow on Finca La Cristalina. Each year portions of the farm are replanted, always keeping in mind biodiversity and the environment. Coffee is washed and depulped at the ecological mill, where the pulp is placed in a compost treatment to be converted to organic fertilizer for the coffee trees.

This harvest, given the farm’s productivity, Jose Luis decided to process a blend from La Cristalina’s six best lots of Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo. He produced one lot of La Cristalina Blend Natural and one lot of La Cristalina Blend Washed when cherries showed the highest sugar content. The Natural had an 18-hour fermentation in cherry and dried for 20 days.


Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, Castillo


1650 metres above sea level




Raspberry / Passion fruit / Creamy