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Subscription FAQ's

How do i manage my subscription?

Managing your account is simple you can here xxx and here xxxxxx

What Subscriptions do you offer?

We currently offer two type of subscription services - our monthly rotating subscriptions and our individual flexible subscriptions to our Thomson's Classic products.

Do i have to commit to a minimum number of deliveries?

No unlike many subscription services, you are free to cancel your subscription at anytime form your account. You can also pause / skip or swap your subscription at anytime.

Can I change my subscription date?

yes you can change the date of any of your upcoming orders from your control panel - note for a monthly subscription the date can only be changed to another date in the same month or you can skip that months order if you prefer

Why can't i subscribe to all of your products ?

We only allow subscription on products we know we will have constant stock supplies of so this unfortunately means we can't offer a subscription to many of our seasonal or short run products.

Can I add a one off product to my next subscription order

Yes you can add any of our subscription enabled products as a one-off order on any of your upcoming subscription orders. This can be done via your subscription control panel 
We hope to extend this to any to all of our products in the near future when this feature is available from our subscription service provider

Can i change my address

you can change the shipping address in your account 

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