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Medium Roast 82
Roast Level Chart
The units of measurement used in the chart are the AGTRON GOURMET SCALE and have been taken from ground samples, the value "zero" corelates to pure carbon while values over 100 are rated as extremely light.

86 to 100

Fruits, Sweet Kenya Blue Mountain AA (89)
MEDIUM 70 to 85 Caramelized Sugar, Mellow Team (80)
DARK 44 to 69 Smoky, Dark Chocolate St. Vincent (61)
VERY DARK 20 to 43 Very Smoky, Liquorice, Burnt Full French (34)

 *Higher numbers = Lighter roast

*Lower numbers = Darker roast


Weight: 250G
Grind: Wholebean


TEAM our newest blend was created in March 2020 amidst the global pandemic. We wanted to create a special coffee dedicated to two of our favourite teams, the fantastic one we have here at the roastery that worked tirelessly to continue roasting and serving our customers throughout the lockdown and also to our wonderful NHS who during exceptionally difficult times showed a level of dedication and resilience that we all should be tremendously proud of.  

Having proved a huge success with our customers and raising thousands of pounds for NHS Covid 19 charities we have decided to keep the blend in our range 

TEAM is a blend of 50% Brazil Paraiso and 50% Colombian Suarez - each component is roasted separately on our Loring Kestrel and then combined to create a coffee we are extremely proud of. 

Full information on each of the components can be found here 

Brazil Paraiso

Colombia Suarez



Brazil Paraiso / Colombia Suarez


Light / Medium Roast

Dark Chocolate, Orange, Almond

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