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Honduras | Jorge Mendoza

Roast Level Chart
The units of measurement used in the chart are the AGTRON GOURMET SCALE and have been taken from ground samples, the value "zero" corelates to pure carbon while values over 100 are rated as extremely light.

86 to 100

Fruits, Sweet Kenya Blue Mountain AA (89)
MEDIUM 70 to 85 Caramelized Sugar, Mellow Team (80)
DARK 44 to 69 Smoky, Dark Chocolate St. Vincent (61)
VERY DARK 20 to 43 Very Smoky, Liquorice, Burnt Full French (34)

 *Higher numbers = Lighter roast

*Lower numbers = Darker roast


Weight: 250G
Grind: Wholebean


Jorge doesn't have his own wet mill, a neighbour lends him his wet mill for the process; the cherries are de-pulped every afternoon, then, the parchment is put into fermentation tanks where it is dry fermented for 20 - 24 hours. After, the parchment is rinsed into the tank with a lot of water four times. Next, Jorge moves the washed parchment to his house where he dry the coffee on raised beds for around 12 days, during the drying the parchment is sorted by hand to remove defective beans.


How did you get involved in coffee? What´s your Farm story?

I know coffee growing since my childhood, my dad had a coffee farm in another region of the country; then when I was young my dad had to sell the farm and we moved to Santa Barbara; here we started working as pickers in the coffee farms. I kept working hard and saving money, in the 90's I bought my first farm in a community called Lomas del Aguila, and since then I have had this farm; for those years I started to buy and sell commercial coffee (middleman), with the years I became a partner to work together with Fidel Paz (Benjamin's father). In 2010 I bought a farm in the high part of the mountain with coffee Pacas and Bourbon, with this paca I participated in COE in 2011 and obtained 27th place; unfortunately, that same year began the great attack of Roya disease that destroyed the farm completely, I got very discouraged and sold my property.

In 2016 I bought this farm (El Coquillal), the last owner only had 1/4 hectare planted with Parainema and I continued planting more of the same variety since it is Roya disease resistant and that is the farm I have today.

Last year I had a good coffee production and I started to process it as a micro-lot for specialty coffee, I am very happy that my coffee is very well bought and that its quality and my effort are valued.




1450 metres above sea level




Grape, Caramel, Cocoa

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