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Costa Rica | Tres Milagros


The Tres Milagros farm is a 105-hectare estate built from two plots; Tobosí and Higuito, which are 43 and 62 hectares respectively. Not all land is planted with coffee; an estimated 30 percent is forest area. Despite being only a couple hundred meters from each other, the two plots are quite different in topography. The Tobosí lot is almost completely flat and enjoys much shade from Poro trees which introduce nitrogen back into the soil. Australian pines provide further shade protection and serve as windbreakers. In contrast, the Higuito has many more hills and a greater exposure to the sun.

The coffee cherries are harvested with a sugar content of 22-25 degrees Brix and then immediately washed with clean water. Cherries are soaked for six hours before being depulped with minimal water to leave as much as mucilage as possible. Next, the coffee in parchment is moved to raised beds in a greenhouse and turned every two hours. Each section of raised beds has fans blowing air directly onto the coffee to maintain a steady airflow. The total process takes 18-20 days, after which the coffee has an approximate humidity of 11%. A new wet mill is under construction for the 2019-2020 harvest.




1525 metres above sea level


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