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Colombia | Burila

Weight: 250G
Grind: Wholebean


Trujillo is both a town and municipality in Valle de Cauca, on the western, Pacific-facing side of Colombia. It borders Cauca to the south, Tolima to the east, Risaralda and Quindio to the north, and encompasses elements of both the western and Central mountain ranges.  The estate itself consists of around 2900 hectares under coffee, roughly 84,000 trees.

Due to the many microclimates, faces of the slopes, and changing weather patterns, there is often fresh coffee cropping throughout the year, though generally this is split across the main and mitaca (or ‘fly’) crops.  Global warming has seen a significant change across Colombia, bringing challenges to some areas and opportunities to others.


Caturra / Colombia


1750 - 1850 metres above sea level




Mandarin, Blueberry, Caramel

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