Costa Rica | Las Lajas Black Honey

The Las Lajas micromill in Sabanilla de Alajuela is one of Costa Rica's sole organic producers. The farms owned by Francisca and Oscar Chacon, inherited by their grandparents, are renowned for their attention to sustainability and environmental preservation, as well as coffees of oustanding quality.


The sugar content of the cherries is measured during harvest to ensure they are picked at their sweetest. Water usage and waste is minimal, as the lots are all dry-processed. The Black Honey process is similar to the Natural process, but differs in the length of time over which the cherries are dried. Black Honey processed coffees involve minimal agitation and interaction, to allow essential fermentation to develop undisturbed. The result is a hugely sweet, almost syrupy coffee with very smooth depth, and delicious ripe fruit notes.


Caturra, Catuai


1450 meters above sea level


Black Honey


Cocoa / Treacle / Ripe Plum.